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Cross-post from 500px #12 | Bangkok, Kannur

This post had been kept on hold for a while. I wanted to club both Bangkok and Kannur captures together in a single post. Unfortunately all the Kannur snaps captured via DSLR are washed away and looks like there is no way to get them back. This is probably the second incident where my SD cards have started showing signs of age. High time to dispose off all of them and get new ones.
Here are some pictures, cross-posted from 500px, as always. The last one is from Kannur (or Cannanore, which probably sounds better), shot from the Samsung Note 5 camera.

Recent posts

Year end post

2016 is to an end. Like every other years, it was a good one. And like every other years, time flew this year too. 
With the upcoming new year, there is a plan to do a lot of things. And lot of stuff has piled over too, from the previous years. I hope to finish at least a couple of them if not all.
I turned 32 this year. It feels good, this 30's phase of life - at least so far. Maybe because the inner child is still a child and isn't growing old with time. Perhaps yes.
As I publish this post, it is just a couple of hours to enter 2017. A fresh new calendar, a brand new notebook to start with. Something we always look forward for. :)
I'm ending this post with a song from The Decemberists. I discovered their music later this year and their work is now part of my active playlist. The song below introduced me to this awesome band, and I was genuinely impressed with this composition.

Purani Kitaabein - #1

During the early months of 2015, I wrote a long draft about few books that I was fond of in my relatively younger years, and about how I could not find them due to lack of meta-data. The draft was later discarded. But I kept looking for those books on the Internet, without much hope. The search for them still continues today when I find time. 

This blog post is the first one of the series that will follow eventually.

The book title was नन्हे मुन्नो के लिए भौतिकी (Physics for Kids) from Mir Publishers, Moscow. The book was translated from Russian into Hindi. Early 90s it was, I was in 1st grade then. The book had short stories about children performing simple experiments and learning the fundamentals of Physics while they were at play. It was a great book, and I loved it. The book passed through some of the very significant stages of my early years. It had crayon, pencil and pen scribblings while my hands made themselves gradually comfortable to use these tools as I grew older. A few pa…

Cross-post from 500px #11 | Dharamshala, Bir Billing

The recent vacation was in Himachal Pradesh. Not the typical Shimla-Kullu-Manali types. We spent a few days in Dharamshala and around. The Tibet story is definitely thought provoking, but looks to have dried down to a mere propaganda in my opinion.
Anyways, some photos, cross-posted from 500px. And that is me, in the last snap. The tandem paragliding at Bir Billing is a must do!

Cross-post from 500px #10 | Glimpses of the KR Market, Bangalore

Couple of weeks back I went for a photo-walk with a few colleagues to the KR Market. Posting some photographs from the shoot. The market is worth a sight during the early mornings. It is said to be the largest flower market in Asia.

My experiences as an Uber Driver

Bangalore traffic is as bad as it an be. Bikers drive on anything that looks like a surface. This includes road, the footpath and the road dividers too. Car drivers drive alone. If ten folks are driving to office in a car, there will be ten cars on the road. It takes me 40 minutes for a 9 Km drive to work. And I am not exaggerating.
Recently, Uber did its bit to minimise number of cars on the road. It started 'UberCommute'. With this initiative, if I am driving to work and there's no-body else in the car, Uber will try to match it to customers who are requesting a cab to go to the same or a nearby place. I get a share of fuel cost, Uber gets a fee, rider gets a cab, and there's one less car on the road which means lesser CO2 emissions. Its an organised, yet ad-hoc way of carpooling.

Since it sounded interesting, I signed up for it. I did 7 trips as a 'Driver' for this initiative. Apart from reducing the carbon footprint and taking 7 cars off the road, there we…

Cross-post from 500px #9 | The Rosary Church of Shettihalli

I bumped across this place in Google Maps somehow and we decided to visit Shettihalli Church last weekend. Close to 240 kilometers from Bangalore, here's the location of the Church pinned on the map.

The Rosary Church was built sometime during the 1860s and  was later abandoned due to the construction of Gorur Dam nearby.

Crumbling walls that remain to stand testify that the building was once a Church. Those smitten by love, romance and narcissism have visited the site and etched their names on the walls of the Church. Campers seem to visit often. The place must have a very distinctive charm at night. The Bollywood within me tells that this is a perfect Ramsay set.
The place isn't one bit touristy. However it is the nothingness of the place that will possibly make you like it. We reached the ruins by 8:30 in the morning and were the only visitors there. A farmer, working in an adjacent field completely ignored our presence. Quite possible that he assumed us to be some ghosts that…